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lol it actual da "reaL2 koopa lolol ftw

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oh wait put ,, at the end of the post and its legit,, ;] - Myles

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nice, 'i said nice one brother',,

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All hail the king,

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admin please delete koopa

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Myles NocherTesco
Wednesday at 5:45pm ·
Hey, could you make your frozen wings combo without the skin on the chicken, they would be healthier and taste nicer, hope alls well,, myles
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Tesco Hi Myles,

I can definitely put forward the suggestion for you =)

Is this the right product, ?

I'm all good thanks, I hope you are too :-)

Samantha - Customer Care

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Wednesday at 5:56pm · Like

Myles Nocher Hey, yeah that's the product,, myles
Wednesday at 11:07pm via mobile · Like · 1

James Stocks Maybe you could sell the skin separately... then you could have a healthy skinless option; and people who like skin could buy double skin
Wednesday at 11:10pm · Edited · Like · 3

Keith Anderson I think you should sell the chicken in the skins of various other animals, like a sort of carnivorous novelty pick n mix
Thursday at 12:30am via mobile · Like · 6

Tesco Hi Myles,

Thanks for confirming that for us. I'll make sure that your suggestion of removing the skin gets passed to our suppliers :)

Mike - Customer Care
Thursday at 8:25am · Like · 1

Keith Anderson What about my suggestion mike?
Thursday at 8:55am via mobile · Like · 2

Tesco Good morning Keith,

That certainly is an interesting suggestion although I'm not quite sure how our buyers would take to it ;)

Mike - Customer Care
Thursday at 9:15am · Like

Ronan Burke Hi Mike. How do I get a job answering Facebook comments for Tesco. Thanks, Ronan.
Thursday at 9:41am via mobile · Like · 6

Keith Anderson You don't, that's his job... Turkeys voting for Christmas n all that
Thursday at 9:50am via mobile · Like

Tesco Hi Ronan,

All of our vacancies would be listed here, to be part of this team you'd need to head down to Cardiff! You should find the listings here

Kind Regards
Jay - Customer Care

Careers - Tesco Careers
Welcome to Tesco Careers. If you want to work for Tesco, use our site to search for a job and find your ideal career.
Thursday at 10:12am · Like · 1

Tesco Hi Keith,

We haven't deleted any posts, the only time we would is if there was a breach of the community rules. Which there hasn't been in this thread. Is there a specific comment or question you can no longer see which you wanted an answer for?

Kind regards,
Anthea - Customer Care
Thursday at 11:56am · Like

James Stocks Did I miss some drama?
Thursday at 11:13pm · Like · 1


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koopa is a good lad.

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And his sister is pretty swell also

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Though me da was bad:(

he does even know i got my exams

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messaged them back about those wings, they are disgusting, meat is awful, and they're full of fat, and on that subject if you owned kfc wouldn't you be frying stuff in somehow slightly altered chicken fat,,

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please never stop your consumer crusade. and i mean that

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